Your Wednesday Reading List

Big Bad Neighbor
by Tia Siren

Big Bad Neighbor: A Single Dad Next Door Romance by [Siren, Tia]Love thy neighbor? Oh, I intend to.

As a retired SEAL, I’m used to crushing obstacles.

So when the world’s biggest tease moves in next door, I’m up for the challenge.

Her smile, her lips, her ass fitting snugly into those tight jeans. It makes me hard the minute she crosses my driveway.

She wants me to fix her leaky faucet? I’ll make her panties dripping wet.

But I can tell she’s running from something, something I want to save her from.

So now I want her even more.

To protect her, to own her, to make her mine.

But I have a son to think of. No time for women. No time for games.

So there’s no way I’m letting her into my house or my heart.

But the fact that our bedroom windows align only makes it all the f*ck harder.

Because when she’s watching me, I’m imagining it’s her hand on my c*ck.

But that’s as far as I’ll let it go.

Because doing what I have in mind to her… it’s downright unneighborly.


Rock Hard SEAL
by Rye Hart

Rock Hard SEAL: A Navy SEAL & A Virgin Romance by [Hart, Rye]I was hired to protect her at any cost – but all I can think about is turning her over my knee and teaching her a lesson she won’t forget.

Years of training in the Special Forces couldn’t prepare me for Abigail Carter.

From the moment we met at her Dad’s office, I knew I was royally f*cked.

Smart-mouthed. Sassy. And unbelievably sexy.

Her Dad’s a big shot attorney prosecuting the world’s deadliest terrorists– and someone has placed threats on his family.

I was called on to protect her from the bad guys –but who will protect her from me?

I may be her body guard but I’m tempted to teach her who’s really boss.

She’s forbidden fruit, and I know that letting my guards down will mean losing everything – so I’ll have to stay focused and treat this like another battle I won’t lose.


by Sherilee Gray

Swerve (Boosted Hearts Book 1) by [Gray, Sherilee]He’ll risk it all for one more night…

When Hugh Colton’s father ran off, leaving him with a pile of gambling debts and a crime boss demanding repayment in stolen cars, his options were limited. Now his life’s on hold, and the last thing he needs to be worrying about is a distressed redhead in a Poison Ivy costume. He sure as hell shouldn’t be rescuing her in the car he’s just boosted—or asking her to come home with him. But a thief like him can’t offer more, no matter how much he wants to.

Everyone either leaves or is taken away, at least that’s all graphics designer Shay Freestone has ever known. And after a confidence shattering, career destroying break-up, she’s sworn off relationships forever. So it’s a good thing this raw, bearded, mountain of a man isn’t her type. Yet as one reckless hot night leads to another, their casual, no-strings affair starts to feel like so much more.

Can two hearts with too many secrets dare for a future?


Two-Hour Truce
by Clare James

Two-Hour Truce: A Standalone Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (Impossible Love) by [James, Clare]A #1 Amazon category bestseller!

It’s an offer she can’t refuse…

He was her best friend. He is her current enemy. Still, he wants her and she wants him. And they’re both stuck in their hometown…unattached. So she agrees to a truce.

Two hours, once a week, no strings attached.

Yes, each day they give themselves to those who need them. Every day—except for a few stolen hours on Wednesday. That’s when they take what they need from each other. But what sounds like the perfect arrangement, turns into so much more.

Two-Hour Truce is a gritty and intoxicating stand-alone romance from Clare James that will keep you turning the pages no matter when you choose to indulge!

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