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Your Monday Romance Reading List 10/23

Times Square Jana Aston $2.99 Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. I saw that quote about fairy tales embroidered on a decorative pillow at a home decorating store. Honestly, it pissed me off. Retail propaganda aimed to promote sales when any single girl

Your Friday Romance Reading List 10/20

Shattered Daddy Charlize Starr $0.99 He’s back in town. My best friend in high school. Biggest crush I ever had. We made a deal when we were kids. We’d marry each other if we were still single at 30. Guess what. We’re both turning 30. But there are things he doesn’t know. Like a dead

Your Monday Romance Reading List 10/16

Don’t Forget About Me Eva Luxe $0.99 I was her first kiss. First f*ck. First love. Too bad she can’t remember. What we had together back in high school was perfect. Hot sex. Passionate love. Amazing chemistry. On prom night, a horrible accident made her forget everything about me. Five years later, I’m filthy rich

Your Friday Romance Reading List 10/13

Because You’re Mine (MINE #1) K. Langston $0.99 Madison Waters knows exactly what she wants to do with her life. She’s already working for one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston as a research assistant, and in a few short months, she will finally graduate from Harvard and collect her law degree. Everything

Your Monday Romance Reading List 10/9

Up for Grabs Heather Young-Nichols $0.99 Flannery Tate left home for college half a country away. She just wants an education. Something that will give her opportunities and lead to a life unlike the one she grew up in. Then she meets Cain Dorsey… Living her new life, one she never dreamed of, Flannery is

Your Friday Romance Reading List 10/6

The Shifter’s Secret Son T. S. Ryder $0.99 He needs a queen. She wants revenge. Let the game begin . . . Julia’s on a mission: Seduce the crown prince and then rip out his heart. Why? He unknowingly impregnated her best friend Cynthia and destroyed her life. After Cynthia dies and with the baby